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A Selection of Rhymes

(These are not in printed books and can be shared freely)

The Tree


I stop for a while and just breathe
I stand like a tree tall and strong
Feeling my presence and power
It's here on the earth I belong

I accept the gifts of this life
I welcome the sun and the rain
I'm part of the seasons and nature
The world it is turning again

Imagining roots in the earth
I'm watching the world passing by
Bending with each passing storm
I open my arms to the sky




Consider… Do you ever stop for a while and just breathe? Do you stand like a tree tall and strong? Do you accept the gifts of this life with open arms? Do you bend with each passing storm? Could you be more like a tree?


Realise… Trees understand their purpose, they are well grounded and aware of their right to stand on the earth. They manage to stay stable through the storms of life by bending and letting them pass around and through their branches. They do not worry about the future or the past, they live happily in the present. Nature has much to teach us.


Imagine… Being like a tree. with strong roots growing deep down into the earth, feeling stable and supported by the ground beneath you. Imagine taking nourishment up from the earth below, into every cell of your body. Imagine opening your arms to welcome in the light and warmth of the sun, letting it fill you with loving energy.


Affirm… I am present on the earth, this is where I belong, right here, right now.



Nervous that judgment may come
I’ve hidden my own light away
Hoping the brightness of others
Will help to show me the way

But this is a new day for me
One where I clearly declare
All of the gifts I can offer
Now I am choosing to share

Today my lampshade comes off
Releasing a glow that is mine
So know that whenever it’s dark
I am determined to shine





Consider… Do you shine your own light fearlessly? Are you afraid to be seen heard or noticed? Are you sharing what you have learnt with the people around you? Are you still wearing a lampshade and is it time it came off?


Realise… When we are small we are fearless, we shine our little lights brightly and no one could stop us even if they tried. As we grow older we are often taught that shining our own unique and special light is not acceptable, we are told to conform, to put away out our enthusiasm and shininess and hide it away. Maybe it is time - to take off the lampshade that you were given and shine your light onto the people around you, bringing more light into the world.


Imagine… Your own unique lampshade, notice its colour, size and shape. Does it stop you seeing the world clearly? Does it stop others seeing you? Imagine life without a lampshade, how would you interact differently with the world if you really shone your own light fearlessley?


Affirm… I am a bright and shining light.

My Party


Today I’ll have a party
And focus just on me
I’ll give myself some presents
The kind that set me free

One box it has forgiveness
All wrapped up safe inside
Another gift is purest love
I'll open that one wide

I'll bake a cake of gratitude
For al that I have done
Maybe I'll do this each day
So life can be more fun






Consider… When did you last have a really good party to celebrate something? Do you celebrate life? Do you celebrate who you are and what you have achieved? How much fun and laughter do you allow into your world?


Realise… Life is always bringing us gifts, we can choose to push them away or open our arms wide to receive them. When we focus on gratitude and count our blessings we soon realise how many things we have in our lives that are worth celebrating. We can have a a private or public party any time we wish. Many of the gifts we relieve or give do not cost money, they are kindness, compliments, pure love, forgiveness and appreciation.


Imagine… Choosing something (small or large) that is worth celebrating today, then finding a way to celebrate it, turning up the fun and excitement.


Affirm… I am grateful for all my wonderful gifts right now.





I keep what seems important
My memories of old
I base my life upon them
These stories often told

A history inside me
I’ve safely locked away
I check them out and read them
From my library each day

I’m going to get them sorted
And check what’s really true
Then slowly I’ll re-write them
From my present point of view





Consider… Do you hold on tight to the past and all your old stories? Do you re-read them regularly to keep them alive in your memories? Could you let go of some of the ones that do not serve you well? What could you do if you rewrote all your old stories and altered what you believe to be true?


Realise… As we move through life we have experiences, we cannot store everything that happens, but what seems important we write deep into our unconscious as a memory or story. Each story we keep is our own personal version of what happened and may be   different from another point of view. Long after the other people involved.have forgotten what happend we repeat our stoies to keep them alive. We can take them out, study them, check if they are true and re-write our own history.


Imagine… Choosing one story form your library of memories. Consider what resources would have useful to help you experience that event differently. Imagine breathing those resources into your body, slowly and carefully letting them flood your cells. Imagine if that happened now, with all you have learnt, how would things be different?


Affirm…That was then, and things are very different now.



When I want a task finished
I work until it's done
I place my focus on it
Then try to make it fun

The way to make it happen
Is to give it energy
Slowly moving forward
I will do it just for me

I choose what is important
No waiting, no delay
This is my time for action
Right here, right now, today




Consider… Do you avoid and feel guilty about things you feel need to be done? Do you make a list of tasks to complete and enjoy doing them? Are incomplete tasks getting in your way and stopping you moving forward? How would you feel if all your jobs were up to date?


Realise… We either motivate ourselves though daydreams and enthusiasm which encourages us to take action, or we try to motivate ourselves with expectations and guilt. The way we have learnt to motivate ourselves is often something passed down from our parents. When we decide for ourselves what we really want to do, when we make our own list, when we put our own thoughts and ideas into action, we are giving ourselves the power and right to choose how to live our own lives.


Imagine… Making a list of all the jobs you have been putting off. Imagine if all those things were done and out of your way. Write down the first step to doing each of those things, then consider how many of those steps you could take today. How will you reward yourself when these tasks are complete?


Affirm… I will work until it's done, when I can I'll make it fun.


The truth of my parents
As a child it was heard
And they were survivors
So I trusted their word

The truth of my teachers
It tamed what was wild
With boundaries and limits
But I’m not that child

The truth of today
Is mine to explore
I can’t base my life
On what went before


This is my body
I tend it with care
I nourish it well
With fresh food and air

My presence on earth
With feet on the ground
A house and a home
My soul has now found

I'm choosing it’s action
I’m here and awake
I am exploring
With each step I take


If I believe that I can’t
I will prove that it’s true
I can struggle and battle
Whatever I do

If I know that I can
Then the doors open wide
I can step into freedom
As the world moves aside

I can make it easy
Believing in me
Without doubts and limits
Then I am truly free

Loving It

I smile and watch it all unfold
Whatever comes my way
I'm on the roller coaster ride
I'm safe and I'm OK

I'm loving every challenge
As I go high and low
Whatever happens I can cope
It helps me learn and grow

I know I chose to get on board
As all we human's do
I'll hold on tight and travel on
As I enjoy the view